Aika Village in Pictures

Have you ever visited the uber creepy Aika village yet?

I did today and here’s the story in photos. Be warned, this post contains a *LOT* of spoilers, so if you haven’t already visited Aika Village, do it now then read this later.

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Get Animal Crossing New Leaf Nintendo Zone DLCs at Home

Animal Crossing New Leaf September 2013 DLC

You know what, the amount of people I have seen on Animal Crossing New Leaf forums that have missed out on the newest downloadable content (DLC) because they didn’t have a Nintendo Zone wifi hot spot nearby is staggering! So many peeps willing to pay millions for a DLC that they could have got themselves for free.

So today I’ll be sharing an easy tip where you can download any Nintendo Zone DLCs without even leaving the comfort of your own home. Cool eh? 😉 Continue reading

A Perfect Town

Remember my last No More Home Loans post? Well, I thought it was about time that I get rid of all the clutter my town was overrun with. For those that haven’t yet dreamed a dream of Cupcakia, my town was full to the brim of clutter. In fact, you can see My Little Crossing’s dream post of my town as it was a few months back.

My main focus after completing the home loans was to achieve a perfect town, and as it turned out it wasn’t that hard at all. The clutter was from items I was saving for either future use or to sell online on the Animal Crossing forums. The items that you can catalogue and buy again I just sold off at Re-Tail. Others I managed to completely rework my closet space. But at the end of it, full closets n’ all, I still had items. It was time to create a new character for the storage space, so I did.

It took a few hours to complete, but since I already had over 10 public work projects (PWPs) and had previously worked on my trees and flowers anyway, this is what happened…

Animal Crossing New Leaf Perfect Town

Everyone loves Cupcakia. Hurrah!

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Fun With Glitches

There’s quite a few glitches in Animal Crossing New Leaf that are widely known, but this doesn’t stop you having a blast in game over wifi with your friends/family.

My favourite glitches are the ones where you can access spaces and places you’re not supposed to by using the tweeter or the throwing (setsubun) beans, hehe. 😀

Some glitches you can get out of pretty easily, some not so. However, with some that you ‘appear’ to be stuck in just changing your clothes or saving will get you out. Others you can just easily walk out of.

Fun with Glitches on Animal Crossing New Leaf

In the pond.

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